Sunday, August 21, 2016

Free Image Download Bud Robinson Texas Holiness Preacher Evangelist

Rev. Bud Robinson (1860-1942)
Holiness Movement Evangelist and Preacher
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Rev. Bud Robinson
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Rev. Bud Robinson says... Four things are needful to understand the scriptures. 
1 Find out who is doing the talking. 
2 Who he is talking to. 
3 What is he talking about. 
4 Believe he meant just what he said, and the problem is solved.

This blog post by Mary Katherine May of  Image from Bro. Robinson's book, Sunshine and Smiles, published in 1902 and now in public domain.  Image provided here has been lightly digitally enhanced to remove slight imperfections due to aging by Mary Katherine May. 

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