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Amelita Galli Curci O'l Car'lina QMB Free Image Clipart Site

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Madame Galli-Curci

JPG Ol' Car'lina (right click and save)

An scanned clipart image from an old Etude Magazine featuring Madame Galli-Curci singing, in English, Ol' Carolina by James Francis Cooke on Victor Record.

Hear the incomparable Galli-Curci sing this song as she sings it with sensational success at her concerto.  Victor Record No. 66014.

OL' CAR'LINA--the Finest Plantation Song Produced in Years, is published in the following arrangements: High Voice, in Eflat, 60 cents, and Low voice.

Published by Theodore Presser Company, Music Publishers and Dealers.  Mail Order Music, Supply House.  Talking Machines and Records.  Philadelphia, PA.

Plantations Songs as a genre were the songs sung during the days when the U.S.A.  Plantation owners also owned Africans as slaves.  These songs of the slaves over time evoled into  the jazz as we know it today.

Madame Amelita Galli-Curci *1882-1963) was an Italian operatic coloratura soprana.  CLICK HERE to read the excellent article about this woman located on

It is worth the time to listen to a 1917 recording of Amelita Galli-Curci, Enrico Caruso, Minnie Egener, Giuseppe De Luca, Angelo Bada and Marcel Journet singing from Lucia di Lammermoor on youtube.

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