Friday, August 31, 2012

German Wood Engraving QMB Free Clipart Image Site

Tasmanian Devil in a Hen House
Freidrich Specht
Beasts and Birds in Pictures and Words was published in 1891 by McLaughlin Bros. In it you will find over 100 illustrations in the genre of wood engravings created by several German engravers, including brothers Friedrich and August Specht, along with descriptions of as least as many land and sea animals, birds and reptiles. A copy of this book, despite the wear from use over the years, is not only a fascinating browse for the animal afficionado and book collector, but would look well on a coffee table and most likely become a topic of conversation. A copy of Beasts and Birds in Pictures and Words is currently offered for purchased at
To Save the images as a JPG file, right click over the photograph and choose save. To save the images as an Adobe PDF file use the link below each individual photo. When using these clipart images please give credit to Mary Katherine May of Quality Music and Books.
The Organ-Outan
August Specht

Beasts and Birds Pictures and Words
Wood Engravings
McLaughlin Bros. 1891
Provided by Mary Katherine May
Combat Between a Lion and a Tiger
Ludwig Bechmann
An Old Bison Overtaken By Wolves
Friedrich Specht


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