Friday, June 8, 2012

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Greetings Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
Today's free images are of rural church my friend, Kathy Z. and I took why on a day trip along highway 212.  Some of the towns we visited today were Glencoe, Stewart, Buffalo Lake, Sacred Heart, Fairfax, and Olivia.

We ate lunch at Kathy's Place in Sacred Heart, Minnesota. The food was tasty and the atmosphere warm.  Dinner was at Bump's Family Restaurant in Glencoe.  Bump's menu features delicious made from scratch soups and homemade desserts.  Kathy dined on the hearty beef vegetable soup, and I enjoyed the scrumptious Dakota Omelet with American Fries.

In Sacred Heart, Minnesota, we happened to be there when the local museum was open.  Helped by Eleanor and Helen, we found out that there is a good amount of information for researching local family ties and history, as well as a fine museum with many historic artifacts.  We saw the old 1901 large school bell that was found in attic.  We found out that Helen's grandfather had settled in Hawk's Creek Township in 1866.

Peace and Blessing,
Mary Katherine May
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117 Years of Grace
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Angel with Child
St. Boniface Catholic School
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Sacred Heart Museum
Sacred Heart, Minnesota
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