Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Hot Sam's Antiques Taxi Cab Image

photograph taken by Mary Katherine May

This car including duck will be found at Hot Sam's Antiques in Lakeville, Minnesota.  Ask for Sam.

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Hot Sam's Antiques in Lakeville, Minnesota, is an adventure.  You have to watch carefully for the sign, because there is no building in view when you arrive.  Drive down the narrow, dirt one-lane wide driveway, past the fence with all kinds of doo dads and collectibles attached, past the old cars and other vehicles, past the pond over with an arched bridge, past the outdoor toys and the canopy at the bottom of the hill with assorted roosters and hens looking for a tasty morsel, and when you see the Statue of Liberty with arm raised, holding a light bulb instead of a torch--you will know you have arrived. 

Spend time browsing the grounds, the house, the shed, the train cars, the old gas station garage.  Maybe a couple of elephant chairs are on your 'must have' list.  But allow at least a minimum of an hour for the house alone, so jam packed with goodies attractive to somebody, and then ask the price because a lot of it isn't marked.  Make a deal, but make it fair. 

On our last visit there, we encountered Sam himself, and a truly fine conversation we had.  Sam explained that he is a third generation junkman.  (I wonder if he knew Sanford and his son?)  He is a Vietnam Vet, obviously intelligent, and a very easy person to like.  Sam will make a deal, as long as it's fair. 

Right next to the Statue of Liberty sans torch, with light bulb, Sam built a brightly colored playhouse with ladder entry.  He says the kids don't want to go home, and I believe it.   

Yup! Hot Sam's is an adventure.

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